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Keynote Lecture

WEB Detailed structural, chemical composition and optoelectronic properties studies of nanoparticles via transmission electron microscopy

Thursday (24.09.2020)
14:30 - 15:00 C: Characterization 1
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The recent advances in transmission electron microscopes (TEM) bring access to electron probes of one angstrom within energy resolutions of few meV even working at low acceleration voltages (40-80 kV). These performances offer new possibilities for probing the optical, dielectric and electronic properties of nanomaterials with unprecedented spatial information, as well as for studying the atomic configuration of nanostructures. In this contribution, I will present a selection of recent works involving all these matters and in particular focus on the study of nanoparticles. These works will concern the study of their atomic structure & configuration as well as their opto-electronic properties, via EELS measurements. These works will illustrate the excellent capabilities offered by the use of a Cs probe-corrected (S)TEM, combined with the use of a monochromator, to study these properties within a very good spatial resolution. In summary, these studies elucidate critical questions concerning the local chemistry and the structure of these materials. This detailed knowledge is essential for better understanding the outstanding properties of such nanostructures.

Research supported by the Spanish MINECO (MAT2016-79776-P, AEI/FEDER, EU), Government of Aragon through project DGA E13_17R (FEDER, EU) and European Union H2020 “Graphene Flagship” (785219 and 881603), “ESTEEM3” (823717) and Flag-ERA GATES (JTC - PCI2018-093137).


Ph.D. Raul Arenal
Universidad de Zaragoza