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WEB Correlation between microstructure and electrical response of architectured tungsten-based thin films

Wednesday (23.09.2020)
10:10 - 10:25 F: Functional Materials, Surfaces, and Devices 1
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Two different systems of thin films Tungsten-Silver (W-Ag) and Tungsten-Molybdenum (W-Mo) were elaborated with DC magnetron co-sputtering PVD related to Glancing Angle Deposition technique. Two targets were used for each system where each one is tilted from the center of the substrate by 80°. The difference between these two systems is that W and Ag are immiscible metals while W and Mo are miscible. Different samples were prepared for each system with the same tungsten target current of 140 mA but with different currents for the other targets (between 0 and 80 mA for Ag target and between 50 and 200 nm for Mo target). Various analysis techniques were carried out such as SEM, XRD and TEM to study the structure of the thin films, their morphology, elemental composition and microstructure. Van der Pauw method was applied to determine their electrical resistivity. These two systems present columnar thin films with inclined columns where the angle of tilting, the form of the columns and the distance between them depend on the elaboration conditions of the samples. An influence of the intensity value for each target of Ag and Mo on the elemental composition of the two systems is clearly noticed whereas a similar composition is obtained at high current applied on Ag and Mo targets. The microstructure analysis indicates differences between the two systems: in W-Ag thin films, the columns are formed mostly by W and the silver is deposited as grains around the columns while the W-Mo thin films present columns formed by W and Mo in which the two elements are separated. Electrical resistivity is also influenced by the target intensity and temperature variation and the resistivity values are in correlation with the morphology of the thin films.

Ph.D. Houssem Boukhalfa
Université de Bourgogne
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Valerie POTIN
    Université de Bourgogne
  • Prof. Nicolas MARTIN
    Université de Franche comté


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Presentation SEM analysis of W-Ag thin films elaborated by Co-sputtering PVD related to Glacing angle deposition technique 23 KB Download
Presentation Janus structure of W-Mo thin films analysed by TEM-EDX 19 KB Download