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Z03: Highlight Symposium: Frontiers in Advanced Functional Materials

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TopicZ: Special Symposia

This international symposium will bring together experts working on the synthesis, processing and device integration of functional materials beneficial in providing sustainable solutions for applications in energy, environment and health sectors. This symposium will focus on the multifunctional materials and techniques that offer advanced processing, improved properties, and low-cost/low-temperature synthesis, with a strong focus on the recent innovation in transformative approaches and the assessment of their technological impact.  Functional nanomaterials with intrinsically tailored properties and new paradigms in processing will be in the focus of the symposium.


Particular emphasis will be given to novel synthesis approaches, surface functionalization, and heterostructuring of nanomaterials and mesoporous systems. Applications of nanostructures with enhanced functionality in photocatalysis, photovoltaic, hydrogen production sensing and bio-medical applications that combine advanced processing with conceptual advancement will form the major thrust areas. Contributions related to energy applications such as perovskite materials, batteries, fuel cells, water splitting, and carbon dioxide conversion as well as transparent conductors and challenges related to the large-scale production and integration of functional and structural nanomaterials are highly desired.


The Highlight Symposium Z03 is proudly supported by Merck(TM) and Materials Alliance Cologne.