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WEB On the influence of processing parameters for the fabrication of FeNi36 alloy by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Tuesday (24.03.2020)
17:45 - 17:45 Poster Room
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Session -P: Processing and Synthesis
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Topic X: Poster Session

Nickel-iron superalloy FeNi36 (also known as Alloy 36 or Invar) has been extensively developed and investigated during last decades for their use in several industrial applications like precision instruments, clocks, seismic creep gauges, valves in engines and large aerostructure molds. All these applications require minimal thermal expansion and high dimensional stability, therefore Invar is an excellent choice due to its uniquely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE).

The aim of this paper is to discuss the feasibility of manufacturing an Invar alloy using additive manufacturing techniques based on Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) and address also its mechanical and thermal behaviour. Processing parameters have been developed based on Design of Experiments (DoE) methodology and focused on the optimization of both energy density and scan rate parameters in order to maximize the productivity. Two different layer thickness (30 and 60 µm) are considered for this study achieving high dense materials (>99%) resulting from metallographic and computed tomography investigations. Additionally, demonstrators based on structures with different geometries have been manufactured with the aim to validate the process parameters. Also different post thermal treatments are defined in order to study the effect of the main parameters in the final material properties. Mechanical and thermal analyses are performed through both hardness and dilatometry tests. Samples have been manufactured using a Renishaw AM250 machine and integrating the Reduced Build Volume (RBV) system. At the same time, the RBV system has been proven to be a valuable alternative to produce small samples (especially of interest for the development of processing parameters at initial research stages) allowing reduce the total manufacturing time and the related costs.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fernando Lasagni
Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies - CATEC
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Marta Herrera
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Dr. Melanie Duth
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Laura Berrocal
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Javier Santaolaya
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Carlos Galleguillos
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Antonio Periñán
    CATEC - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies


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