Review DGM-Nachwuchsforum 2016 in Darmstadt

A particularly successful format is the annual DGM-Nachwuchsforum, which was conceived by DGM's own young material scientists and was organized with the support of the DGM. The forum started on Sunday, September 25th, 2016, and subsequently entered the DGM Tag and MSE.

The aim of the DGM-Nachwuchsforum was to inform and educate new MatWerk students and Ph.D students about the DGM.

In this way, new ideas for the Jung-DGM were developed in workshops. All Jung-DGM-Ortsgruppen presented themselves, their activities and projects of the last year in a poster session. The joint evening with DGM chairmen and the DGM experts in a local pub called "Hotzenplotz" ensured that the networking was not neglected after the work.
The next morning, newcomers and established ones found themselves again at the joint DGM breakfast, to receive the tickets for the raffle. As an important part of the DGM-Nachwuchsforum various modules for network management and network building took place. There the young academics could meet and get to know experts in a smaller group and get tips for their own career planning from experienced professionals. In addition, a career workshop took place, where the participants could get in contact with potential employers, check their application documents and create free application photos.

Also in 2018 there will be a DGM-Nachwuchsforum in line of the MSE-congress.
Be curios on the program highlights 2018 by now!

We would be delighted to welcome you to the DGM-Nachwuchsforum.


Pictures of the Nachwuchsforum 2016