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WEB Recycling of highly conductive compound for vanadium redox batteries

Tuesday (22.09.2020)
17:35 - 17:50 F: Functional Materials, Surfaces, and Devices 1
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Functionalized polymers in general are claiming more and more novel applications; for example they can function as a metal replacement. Especially the E&E- market or the so-called “green technologies” require highly engineered polymers for many new needs such as a high level of thermal or electrical conductivity. To functionalize an intrinsic isolating polymer high loadings of conductive fillers, like graphite, carbon blacks, CNTs, metals and/or others, are necessary. For redox flow batteries contents of more than 80 wt% of graphite in a thermoplastic polymer are needed to function as bipolar plate material.

While big energy storage solutions such as redox flow batteries are considered a key component for the turnaround in energy policy, recyclability of individual components has not yet been intensively studied. In an ongoing interdisciplinary research project the ZBT GmbH investigates the recycling of highly filled graphite-polymer-compounds that were previously used as bipolar plate material in redox flow batteries.

Since compound characteristics differ widely from that of neat polymers recycling of highly functionalized graphite-compound requires an entirely new process. The effect of recycling on properties such as electrical conductivity, mechanical stability and polymer features were studied in detail.

Andre Kayser
Zentrum für BrennstoffzellenTechnik GmbH