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Keynote Lecture

WEB Modern Inorganic Aerogels

Wednesday (23.09.2020)
10:10 - 10:40 P: Processing and Synthesis 1
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After some words on nanocrystal synthesis in colloidal solution, their characterization, properties and fields of applications including those relying on surface functionalization and, hence, incorporation of particles into various matrices I will focus on non-ordered superstructures made from nanocrystals.[1] Here, gels and aerogels manufactured from a variety of different nanoparticles (semiconductors and (multi-)metals) have recently proven to provide an opportunity to marry the nanoscale world with that of materials of macro dimensions that can easily be manipulated and processed, whilst maintaining some of the nanoscale properties. These materials carry an enormous potential for applications which is largely related to their extremely low density and high porosity providing access to the capacious inner surface of the interconnected nanoobjects they consist of.[2] The remainder of the talk will be devoted to applications of these materials in (electro-)catalysis, namely in the oxygen reduction reaction in polymer electrolyte fuel cells,[3] hydrogen evolution reaction [4] and the methanol steam reforming.[5] For gaining highest performance of these catalysts the surface chemistry [6] as well as the formation mechanisms have to be studied and tuned.[7]


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