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WEB Tribo-tests implemented in an e-SEM and under Raman spectrometry to study interfaces at small scale

Tuesday (22.09.2020)
15:40 - 15:55 S: Structural Materials 2
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Materials properties are usually defined through their bulk characteristics, while their in-service behaviors are most often controlled by their surfaces or interfaces. Friction properties and lifetime of systems depend on mechanical stresses but also on physico-chemical conditions met in the contact. Because a contact is confined, two of the main difficulties are: to get analysis of the interface without perturbations linked to the opening of the contact as well as to monitor phenomena which evolve with time and environment, at a micro or sub-micrometric scale. In this context, the environmental mode in a scanning electron microscope (e-SEM) is of great interest. As a gas could be used, coupling with the sample cooling, it is possible to analyze and characterize a wide range of tribological interfaces in their native state, such as mixtures of solid particles and liquid (water, oil…), suspensions... The material is then considered in more realistic environmental conditions.

A customized tribometer for implementation in an environmental SEM and for Raman spectroscopy has been developed to allow a direct local observation of phenomena at an adequate sub-micrometer scale, representative of surface heterogeneities, thin films, etc. Friction tests are performed to follow the evolution of the surface reactivity, the evolution of the contact (detachment of particles) under tribological stresses and under inert, oxidizing or high vacuum conditions.

Dr. Sylvie Descartes
Université de Lyon
Additional Authors:
  • Aslihan Sayilan
    INSA Lyon
  • Dr. Philippe Steyer
    Insa Lyon
  • Dr. David Philippon
    INSA Lyon
  • Dr. Nicolas Mary
    INSA Lyon