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Ionic liquid porecusrors for the synthesis and design of inorganic nanostructured materials

Wednesday (23.09.2020)
10:40 - 10:55 P: Processing and Synthesis 1
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Ionic liquids (ILs), especially metal-containing ILs, have attracted tremendous interest because of their varied and adjustable properties. The presentation will highlight some of our own approaches towards nanoscale materials using ILs not only as the solvent but also as the precursor and the template. Overall, the data show that it is possible to grow complex nanomaterials such as Fe3C with e.g. high porosity using an IL-based approach. Moreover, the presentation will introduce strategies for the synthesis of transition metal sulfides from ILs where the IL composition is clearly reflected in the final powders. Finally, the properties of the ILs themselves are interesting from a variety of viewpoints such as electronic or optical properties and these compounds lend themselves to both applications in e.g. optical filters or solar cells, but are also efficient tools to understand structure property relations in ILs.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Taubert
University of Potsdam