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WEB Flexible gold nanoparticle-polystyrene hybrids for photo-induced healing

Tuesday (22.09.2020)
16:50 - 17:05 P: Processing and Synthesis 1
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This study focuses on the processing and healing of gold nanoparticle (Au NP) and polystyrene (PS) hybrid films by utilizing a photothermal effect from the Au NPs. Effects of Au particle contents were investigated by fabricating hybrid films with the Au content from 0 wt% to 1 wt% via a solvent-assisted approach. The as-synthesized Au NPs have an average particle size of 4-5 nm with a face-centered cubic structure. Au particle agglomeration deteriorates as the Au content increases and the Au interparticle spacing decreases. The film transparency also decreases with the Au NP content increase. The healing properties of the Au NP-PS hybrid films are quantified under laser illumination for different size defects. The hybrid films show excellent flexibility, which decreases with the Au NP content increase. Consistent with the experimental results, numerical simulation shows that the Au particle content and distribution significantly affect the photothermal behaviors of the hybrid films. The developed hybrid films can be used in functional devices and coatings with high flexibility and fast and efficient healing.

Prof. Kathy Lu
Virginia Tech
Additional Authors:
  • Lingchen Kong
    Virginia Tech
  • Rezawana Islam
    Virginia Tech
  • Dr. Yi Je Cho
    Virginia Tech