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WEB Crack process evaluation in carbon fibre reinforced polymers aged by thermal cycling

Sunday (01.03.2020)
10:47 - 10:47 Poster Room
Part of:
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- Poster *web*Crack process evaluation in carbon fibre reinforced polymers aged by thermal cycling 1 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fernando Lasagni

Session -C: Characterization
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Topic X: Poster Session

The use of composites has been increased in different sectors, not only in aerospace but also in automotive, construction and sailing industries. Carbon fibre reinforced polymers are well characterized materials against mechanical loads (static and fatigue). However, long term damage mechanisms through environmental effects are subject of interest for the composite manufacturers and structures designers. Therefore, it seems to be important understanding the different degradation processes, especially matrix cracking and delamination due to thermo-chemical aging. The aim of this study is to characterize the degradation of CFRPs because of thermal fatigue in different atmospheres. Cracking process characterization is analysed at microscopy level through light optical microscopy and Computed Tomography inspections, correlating environmental effects with size and shape of the detected cracks.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fernando Lasagni
Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies - CATEC
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Sergio González
    CATEC Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies
  • Prof. Dr. Jaime Dominguez
    University of Seville